Daniel Ripp
Dan Ripp is President of Bradley Woods & Co. Ltd. Since 2004 he has led the firm’s research team overseeing content and new product development. Under Mr. Ripp’s direction Bradley Woods recrafted its research product to focus on the specific investment implications of US federal government policy and geopolitics. Since its inception in 1970 the firm has offered a policy analysis product and has also maintained a presence in Washington. After taking the helm at Bradley Woods, Mr. Ripp redefined the firm’s client purview to include investment managers, corporate clients, and other professionals with a financial stake in the nation’s policy outcomes. He also established the company’s Investment Banking Group in 2004.

While Bradley Woods itself offers expertise across the spectrum of regulated industries, Mr. Ripp has an established reputation as an expert in energy policy and geopolitics. Drawing on years of international experience, Mr. Ripp provides insight into the various policy approaches different governments take with regard to energy production and consumption. As a former foreign exchange and derivatives trader, Mr. Ripp is positioned to assess the impact of global energy policy developments on outcomes in the capital markets.

Mr. Ripp has an academic background in mathematics as well as professional experience in risk management. As such, he approaches political, sovereign and energy risk with a unique combination of government, capital markets and quantitative insight.

Prior to joining Bradley Woods, Mr. Ripp was CEO of H.C. Wainwright, a 140-year old investment bank headquartered in New York. He was also a management consultant to various firms and was a member of A.T. Kearney’s Financial Institutions Group. Earlier in his career Mr. Ripp was a foreign exchange and derivatives sales trader for Morgan Stanley and Sumitomo Bank.

Mr. Ripp is a frequent speaker and television commentator on policy and the capital markets. He is a trustee of the Congressional Effect Funds and is a former co-chair of Harvard College’s New York Schools Committee. Mr. Ripp received an MBA from Columbia Business School and an AB in Applied Mathematics from Harvard College.


Brian Yee
Mr. Yee specializes in the energy sector and related regulatory events. His primary focus is on renewable energy, oil & gas, and electric utilities. He advises institutional investors and industry stakeholders on the economic impact of changes in regulation and public policy. Mr. Yee has a BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with departmental and university honors. He received his MPhil in International Studies with a concentration in international economics and law from the University of Cambridge. His dissertation at Cambridge focused on the economic consequences of ideologically-driven decisions in the Soviet Union during the Stalin era.