Since 1970 Bradley Woods has produced its unique brand of independent research. A pioneer in its industry, Bradley Woods was the first firm explicitly dedicated to analyzing public policy and its impact on investments. Over the years our focus has broadened to include industry evaluations and sovereign state analysis without ever losing sight of government’s role and impact. We pride ourselves on taking a balanced view. Our professionals come from both Wall Street and Washington and they are fluent with the actions and phrases that move the needle in both arenas. It is that vantage point, positioned between the investment and the political worlds, that gives Bradley Woods its incisive and valuable edge.

The Daily Notes – Our flagship product has been keeping readers informed every morning since 2006. Presented in a concise and accessible format The Daily Notes presents yesterday’s key political news in a way that relates directly to its economic and investment implications. Employing a distinctive style that combines visuals with a bulleted layout, this product enables the reader to rapidly process information into conclusions. Daily Notes starts your day with a firm grasp of the political moment.

Policy Reports – When Washington is debating legislation or regulation that will adjust the investment climate our staff will weigh in too. Whether it’s a carbon tax, Medicare policy or hedge fund regulation, we will report the details and identify the winners and losers. Beginning with an analysis of the bill or rule, we will piece apart the provisions so clients don’t have to. Then we go the final mile, connecting the dots between policy makers and Americans running companies. Policy reports are issued on a regular basis depending on the legislative calendar.

Industry Trends – Our industry studies focus on specific developments in individual sectors. These reports normally combine insight from staff, who have expertise in their field, with the firm’s collective perspective on political and economic impact. Our final assessment typically incorporates input we have gleaned from both Capitol Hill and corporate America.

Emerging Markets – The Emerging Markets analyses leverage Bradley Woods’ global reach, and is produced primarily for clients whose focus is investment in developing economies. Each economy is scored for investment suitability using a proprietary multi-variable economic model. The result is an unbiased view of a country’s relative attraction for capital. We also produce a supplementary anthology of private equity shops with a focus on the subject economy.

Archived Research – A historical collection of Daily Notes, white papers and other materials.

Documents Library – A database of government studies and reports catalogued and sorted by sector and issue. These are the documents from which the media frequently forms its conclusions regarding the impact of policy. Summaries are available for selected entries.

Elections – Of commensurate importance with our political issues analysis is Bradley Woods’ measure of the electorate’s pulse in national elections. Particularly in election years, the trends in national polls regarding the race and composition of Capitol Hill and the White House will dictate perceptions and outcomes in domestic and foreign policies including the ones outlined above. Over the course of the election cycle our analysis will lay out various predictions and polls, including the historic accuracy of each, to give our clients the best yardsticks for gauging unfolding events. We contemplate and handicap not only the electoral fortunes of individuals but also the meaning of the ultimate potential composition of government. An appreciation for the particular combination of control in the House, Senate and White House (e.g., a split White House and Congress might lead to compromise or stalemate, whereas one party’s dominance may have different results) is imperative for discerning what aspects of legislation may or may not pass.

Customized Research – Clients often seek clarity in legislation that has substantial impact on only a limited number of securities. Such topics may be “under the radar” for mainstream coverage, but Bradley Woods undertakes customized client research requests on these specific issues.