Bradley Woods' forte is an understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of the U.S. Federal Government. The critical interplay of arcane legislative and administrative procedure with the peculiarities of individual lawmakers' personalities and constituencies is a miasma out of which the regulatory playing field is formed. Our clients have found that having the proper timely and objective perspective of that ever-changing landscape is essential to assessing the relative advantage of companies in various industry sectors.

Bradley Woods makes an effort to paint an unbiased and apolitical picture of the potential impacts on a defined group of securities in a specific sector. The firm does not have a political agenda and offers no prescription for what may ail the economy or individual sectors. Rather, our analysis is a candid appreciation of the government’s likely actions and of the expected consequences therewith. We consider our added value to be in placing one piece of the investment jigsaw puzzle in its rightful space.

Bradley Woods takes pride in the rigor of its research approach. By its nature, an analysis of government action, like an analysis of behavior, is a subjective assessment. At Bradley Woods, we seek to define and quantify our views so that our clients can more clearly gauge changes in potential outcomes and their resulting influences on asset values.

Value creation is a central tenet of Bradley Woods’ operating procedure. And as the common perception of value has changed over time, so too has Bradley Woods’ approach to the creation of value. Bradley Woods today approaches its calling with a focus on producing idea driven and actionable conclusions for our clients. We report and identify not only the critical market and economics trends, events and decisions made in the U.S. government, but also the implications of such political crosswinds.